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What is Grey Matters?

Grey Matters is about the the grey things in life which I believe are the real things which matter. 

For too long I observed that a lot of people treat life and life decisions in black and white, that either its a yes or a no, and I just couldn't wrap my finger around the concept.

In my opinion, there is a big palette between that white and black which are the shades of grey and people who have their opinions in these grey areas go through a time which a lot of time feels as if they don't even have an opinion which on the contrary is not true because these people are the majority and it is these grey opinions which matter the most.

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"The main thing that flying requires is the ability to throw yourself at the ground and miss"

 ― Douglas Adams

      (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


Hi, I’m Tanmay

A Physical Town Planner and a blogger(now)(lol). Passionate about sharing thoughts  everything that makes me wonder what life is about.

In this blog, I am trying to understand what life is about, and what is it that makes it worth living, at least for me. Now that I think back, this is also a place which will show me what exactly has been my journey till now. The times I can say I was glad to be at those moments, with those people, at that place, doing the best thing that anybody can do, LIVE.

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